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So, you are figuring this all out. Congradulations, get'r done.
It's awesome that it is on all platforms. I'm excited for the android phone app.

As a reward for finding this page, here is a short story I wrote quiet a while ago.

Detective Frank, Episode 1:

The unopened can of Coke left the tips of his fingers off his right hand. His left hand was already moving towards the bottom of his shirt. He had grabbed the can of coke on the way out the door, caffeine and sugar he thought. He should have grabbed the leftover pizza but, it wasn't that good. The crust was thin and soaked with grease, he knew it wouldn't reheat worth a crap. He wasn't sure if the guy pointing the gun at him, just needed a fix or just needed some cash to buy food. It doesn't matter when someone points a gun at you and says, give me your money. He seemed fairly calm, not like the shaking teenager with the knife a few weeks ago. It had to have been his first time. Frank wondered if the beating he gave that kid set him straight or just will just make him better at picking his next target.

He had tossed the can of Coke like a flash bang into a crowd of hippies. The thugs mind froze up when the words 'Can you hold this' were picked up by his ears and his eyes focused on the red and white can heading his way. His hands came together at his chest in anticipation of catching the can, what looked to be a Ruger P95 in his right hand was no longer pointing at Frank. By the the time the can made contact, Frank's left hand had swooped down and grabbed a handful of shirt while the right hand caught up with it and grasped the grips on his Springfield Armory XD compact from his appendix holster. The webbing on between his thumb and index finger pressed in the grip safety. As his hands came together his finger started prepping the trigger. The front site came between Petie's chest and Frank's eye. The thugs brain was catching up and an 'Oh shit!' look came over his face. The first Speer Gold Dot hit about 5 inches below and left clavicle, just off center. The hydro static shock pushing organs out of the way and as the bullet expanded it tore a chunk from the top of the heart as it spiraled passed. He didn't feel it at all, but Frank saw the impact. His brain was still in full panic. His right arm was extending towards Frank while the rest of his body was trying to leave.

The next round hit him in the right nipple, the angle of his body made an exit through the spine, like a firecracker in an egg. The one round Petie got off hit the ground about 4 feet from Frank as he stepped offline. The third round hit Petie's shoulder as his body was collapsing to the ground. The gun bounced free as he hit the ground about the same time as the last expelled casing from Frank's gun came to rest. The echo from the last shot reverberated through the streets of the city. Frank slid the gun away with his foot and looked down. As Petie struggled to look up the street light overhead caused a halo around Frank. The corners of Petie's mouth pulled back slightly and his body let out it's last groan. Frank muttered a 'damn it' and took out his phone and called it in. 'How many is that Frank?'. 'This year or lifetime?' he asked as he took a seat on the curb to wait for what he liked to call the circus and swallowed a big swig from the dented can of Coke, as the foam dripped from his hand and his eyebrow. He could feel a burp building. He let it out as he put the can to his lips, just for the echo effect as he took another swig. 'Too many' he said. He was admiring the sun highlighting the top of the city. It was going to be another long hard day.

If you want to read Episode 2, send me a message -

Thanks to Shannon Morse and for turning me on to Keybase.

-pghmtb 3/30/2017